Recreation Vehicle Rv Detailing In Calgary

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Have the Fun, Not the Backbreaking Work! Get your Recreational Vehicle Professionally Detailed.

We are your Calgary RV Detailing Professionals – providing detailing, cleaning, polishing, and restoration for all Motorhomes, Trailers, and 5th Wheels. Rated #1 in Service and Satisfaction.

We will provide professional steam cleaning and RV detailing on all motorhomes, trailers, and any size RV – either in our shop or mobile at your location.

We use professional-grade products and skills to provide you with fantastic showroom-quality results.

We also utilize progressive cleaning and disinfection practices that leave your vehicle free of dirt, dust, and pathogens.

This package is a complete and comprehensive deep cleaning and detailing that addresses the entire RV interior – Resulting in an absolutely clean environment that is free of all dirt, dust, and pathogens.


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In comparison to some commercial RV and Truck washes that use high pressure equipment and hard bristled brooms to wash, this wash is done by hand and using low pressure rinsing – preventing damage and degradation of the exterior gel coat.

As with our other exterior wash packages, this one begins with a thorough hand wash and foam bath. Afterwards, clay baring decontamination is performed, which leads to a deep power polish, followed by a gloss protection wax.

Trailers, RVs, and Motohomes are typically made from fiberglass and are covered with a gelcoat layer to give them a smooth surface. When it is new, this material looks superb as it is a modified polymer resin that is pigmented and has a glossy and colored surface.

The elements, however, gradually wear down the exterior. The gel coat becomes cloudy, foggy, and dull due to oxidation, UV, and general wear and tear. Furthermore, micro scratches and swirls appear over time to further age the exterior.

In addition to polishing and restoring gelcoats, we also refinish aluminum cars and make them look great again.

As a result, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality car detailing services. We can answer any questions you might have or book an appointment for you online.

It is a challenging task to restore faded or oxidized gel coat, requiring many hours of effort with the proper tools and products.

Getting your RV cleaned shouldn’t take days and break your back. Make sure your large investment is cleaned and protected the right way with the right tools and knowledge!

Recreation Vehicle Rv Detailing In Calgary