Mobile Auto Detailing in Lake Bonavista Calgary

Mobile Auto Detailing In Lake Bonavista

Get the best Auto Detailing in Lake Bonavista. Check for options and booking.

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Interior Car Detailing In Lake Bonavista

Interior Car Detailing In Lake Bonavista. Professional Work!

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Best Car Auto Detailing In Lake Bonavista

We have the Best Auto Detailing in Lake Bonavista! Check our Reviews!

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Car Wash And Cleaning In Lake Bonavista

Get the Dirt Off! Car Wash And Cleaning In Lake Bonavista. Call now.

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Paint Correction In Lake Bonavista

Paint Correction In Lake Bonavista. Get rid of ugly Swirls which hide the Shine!

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Ceramic Coating In Lake Bonavista

The Ultimate Protection for Vehicles in Lake Bonavista is Ceramic Coating!

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Recreation Vehicle Rv Detailing In Lake Bonavista

Have the fun, not the hard work in Lake Bonavista.

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Lake Bonavista is a beautiful section of Calgary renowned for its gorgeous lakes and amenities. Naturally it is the perfect place to showcase your newly detailed car or vehicle!

Lake Bonavista Community Association owns a community center within the district (not to be confused with the homeowners association which maintains the lake). In addition to two ice rinks, there’s a gym and a number of multipurpose rooms.

There were no notable natural features in the area when it was flat, treeless prairie. An area of 52 acres (210,000 m2) was transformed into a lake with 52 acres of earth excavated from Lake Bonavista to build a 65-foot (20 m) hill with a waterfall alongside the lake in 1968. 

Fishermen, swimmers, boaters, tennis players, skaters, and tobogganers can enjoy the lake and park all year long. A mandatory membership in the Lake Bonavista Homeowners Association keeps the park and lake in good shape.

Additionally, Lake Bonaventure is located in the neighbourhood. Only houses built around this lake (140,000 m2) can have access to this 35-acre lake. Lake Bonaventure and Lake Bonavista are both maintained by lake homeowners.

Take pictures of your factory fresh detailed auto near the beautiful water features in Lake Bonavista. Your car can have an interior detail, car wash and fresh coat of wax!

SE Calgary’s classic lake community is popular with buyers looking for a relaxed lakefront community. Homebuyers in Lake Bonavista are smitten with the 52-acre lake, one of Calgary’s largest artificial lakes! 

There are a bunch of recreational activities you can do in this waterbody that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, like ice fishing and skating in the winter, and all sorts of (non-motorized) watersports in the summer. The Lake Bonavista Homeowners Association keeps the lake area safe and enjoyable for everyone, which adds a lot of value to all the Lake Bonavista homes.

The Deerfoot Trail runs through this part of Southeast Calgary. Homes in Lake Bonavista are great because you can get to Downtown and the airport quickly. Located in one of Calgary’s more established communities, Lake Bonavista real estate features mature landscaping with trees that provide dappled shade in the summer and great snowscapes in the winter. 

The community-oriented atmosphere makes it a great place for families. Lake Bonavista is a friendly and welcoming neighborhood, whether you’ve lived there for a while or just moved in. Lake Bonavista real estate is mostly single-family homes, but there are also a few condos and townhomes, giving buyers more choices and value.

Located in the luxury housing market of Lake Bonavista, the community is surrounded by two artificial lakes. As a result of its premier lakefront location, it has highly popular owing to its development dating back to the 1960s. Projects to develop other neighbourhoods around lakes like Bonavista Downs were inspired by the success of the project, which included another community (Bonavista Downs).

Located in Bonavista’s northeast corner, Anderson Road, Macleod Trail, Canyon Meadows Drive, and Bow Bottom Trail are it’s borders.

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Mobile Auto Detailing in Calgary

Mobile Auto Detailing in Lake Bonavista Calgary