Interior And Exterior Steam Wash for Vehicles in Calgary

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How We Use a Steam Cleaner to Detail a Car?

A vehicle that commutes to work travels frequently or is used frequently for errands can get dirty fairly quickly. The upholstery tends to become stained over time, or pet fur adheres to it. A thorough cleaning of your car can be challenging on a regular basis.

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning package is the most popular. Carpets in vehicles are usually stain-resistant. The purpose of carpets is to reduce staining problems and protect the interior of the car from dirt and grime. However, with regular use, they do not remain stain-proof for long. Their accumulation of dust and dirt can lead to discoloration, as they can trap oils, bacteria, etc. It is impossible to remove everything with a simple vacuum, especially if stains and odors are involved. Hence, we are able to offer you our services so that you can leave your car carpets clean and scent-free. With our car detailing packages, your car will be thoroughly cleaned both from the inside and the outside.

59First, vacuum the carpet and upholstery. So that the steam cleaner will work effectively, thoroughly clean the carpet and seats.

Next, attach a triangular brush to the steam cleaner. Install a triangular-shaped brush on the steam cleaner. As the bristle tool agitates the upholstery, it pulls out any dirt the steam has loosened from deep within the carpet or fabric.

Step 3: Using the triangular brush attachment, steam the carpet. You should rub down the carpet slowly while moving the tool over it.

The triangular tool should be used to clean all carpet areas. Keep the floor clean by making overlapping passes.

The fourth step is to steam clean your fabric seats. Utilize the triangular steam cleaner tool to clean fabric seats. By using the bristles with the seat, make overlapping passes.

The fifth step consists of vacuuming the carpets. Once steam cleaning has completed, vacuum what dirt has escaped from the carpets and seats again.

The headliner is made of pressed board covered with foam and a fabric that has been glued to it. It is possible for the glue to become softened or wet in an accident, causing the headliner to come loose and fall down. A clean headliner helps prevent the headliner from being damaged or torn.

A steam cleaner can not only give you a clean car interior, but it will sanitize it, killing germs that could cause you to be ill and cause odors.

In addition to removing light scratches and oxidation, the 3 stage Compound, Polish & Gloss combo will also reveal a rich gloss like new. Hand-waxing using a microfiber cloth & sponge and buffing the surface with the non-scratching cloth and sponge leaves the exterior spotless, the new surface is coated with paint protection to protect it from rock chips, gravel, and extreme weather. As part of the Hand Wax COMBO package, this is a standard procedure.

This method involves spraying a mist-like pre-spray over the surface, followed by rotating the bonnet or round buffer across the surface. There are two machines that seem to be most often used: floor buffers The soil is attracted by the spinners and is rinsed off or replaced frequently. We use an antimicrobial agent after the clean up to make it as clean as possible.

In addition to repelling liquids, dirt, dust, and grease, our Fabric Guard treatment prevents UV rays from harming the fabric. By protecting upholstery, carpets, and fabric seats, fabric protections help to protect cars. The fabric of your car is constantly being worn down by normal wear and tear. Fabric Guard and Scotch Guard Treatment will help keep your seats, carpets, and upholstery cleaner longer. Detailing your interior is something I highly recommend.

Textiles like carpets, clothes, and lines are also textiles. We take time to know first what kind of carpets and car seats we are cleaning and then apply treatments accordingly so that each is cleaned effectively and safely. Cleaning the carpets regularly at intervals of six months is generally recommended. The carpets will last much longer with professional cleaning since every last speck of dirt will be removed. The carpet fibers begin to wear prematurely with even a small amount of dirt in them.

Interior And Exterior Steam Wash for Vehicles in Calgary