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Protect your car’s paint and enjoy long-lasting shine with our professional ceramic coating Calgary services…

Want your Car to shine with Ceramic Coating Calgary Services?

Whether you are protecting your vehicle from heat, rain, or snow, this polymer provides high-quality protection against any external element.

It is resistant to acid rain and road salts, blocks UV rays, and prevents superficial scratches. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, 3M Ceramic Coating ensures it always runs in pristine condition.

Due to its unique formula, it is ideal for coating paint, glass, PPF, vinyl, wheels, and plastic trim, among other materials.

Its silicon dioxide ceramic properties slowly harden into glass after multiple layers of application, creating a durable coating that prevents swirl marks and dulling on your vehicle.

A low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) coating contains 100% active ingredients and no carrier solvents, 3M Ceramic Coating has a four-hour cure time, and no special equipment is required.

You can clean and maintain it easily, as the slick finish lets you easily remove dirt and debris while keeping it looking like fresh polish. Water beads on its surface create a unique effect and a very durable finish.

Try Our Professional Ceramic Coating Service in Calgary!

Want your Car to shine with Ceramic Coating Calgary Services?

See What all the fuss is about. Get a better finish than new! Protect your investment!! Call us now for your ceramic coating finish!

The Ceramic Pro can be coated on several surfaces. It has been proven that Ceramic Pro is an industry leader and an absolute X-factor when it comes to auto detailing.

The professionals for Cermaic Coating Calgary will assist you and install the products on virtually any surface in your home, car, or boat. 9H is Ceramic Pro’s original product and flagship model.

The Ceramic Pro 9H coating is a permanent, hard-wearing coating that is very durable and tough. With its high gloss finish and hydrophobic characteristics, the Ceramic Pro 9H surface is extremely easy to clean once it has been applied because exterior liquids and water will seep off of it.

Along with providing the best Ceramic Coating Services in Calgary, We will also help you with queries and assist you with the best possible answers:

  • How many ceramic coatings are ideal for your vehicle?
  • Does getting more layers give more protection to your car or truck in Calgary? 
  • Does the make and model (Design and size) of the vehicle affect the cost and quantity of ceramic coatings? 
  • How much protection does your vehicle need according to the exposure of the environment you’re riding it in? Riding your vehicle around Calgary City and riding in between the Rocky Mountains are two different things. 
  • What is the warranty offered by our ceramic pro coating service?

Here in Calgary, we’ll be offering the 3M Lifetime Ceramic Coating package, which includes all paint preparation and correction. Additionally, the paint is brought back to life through up to three stages of power polishing.

We use 3M Perfect-it Series compounds, and in addition to the package, rock chips will be repaired, and clay bars will be applied. Our experts are ready to answer any questions you may have about our coating packages.

Best Ceramic Coating results in Calgary

We recommend going with our 3M Ceramic Coating with its North American warranties because 3M manufactures the most chemically resistant, toughest coatings in the world. 

Dirt will be washed away along with the water. As a result, bird droppings, insects, tar, and sap will not stick to the ceramic surface, making them much easier to remove. Just One swipe and you’re done!

They are not only easy to clean but are also resistant to UV rays, scratches, and extreme temperatures. With them, you can be assured that every weather condition is covered, giving you peace of mind.

We guarantee your vehicle’s original, new look will never fade. Our Ceramic Coating Service equips a car with Liquid Armor for a long time.

Without a doubt, it is the best mobile auto detailing company in Calgary. At the time of booking, Omar provided us with packages from 3M, Xpel, and Suntek. Once we found a deal that worked, we booked for the very next day (I’m hoping I got lucky).

On my new car, the installers properly applied the PPF and even wrapped almost all of the edges so that you couldn’t tell they were wrapped.

Ceramic Coating in Calgary