Boat Detailing In Calgary

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Cleaning and Detailing a Boat is a lot of Work!!

Polishing the bottom of your Boat working over you head is not Fun!

But having a clean boat to drive around in with your Friends is great! 

With our friendly expert boat detailing and cleaning services, and ceramic coating, we’re Calgary’s leading boat detailing company.

Defining boat detailing will help you maintain the value and appearance of your vessel.

In addition to keeping your boat looking fresh and sharp, regular detailing maintenance increases its value and life.

The elements constantly attack your boat, yacht, or watercraft. Salt, UV rays, water debris, and a variety of other environmental factors take a toll on both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Cleaning and protecting boats and yachts involves cleaning and protecting a range of different materials, such as paint, metal, plastic, wood, vinyl, and leather.

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An investment in a boat, yacht, or water craft is significant, and it should be maintained and serviced professionally. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service.

With Ceramic Boat Coating, your boat surfaces are protected and maintenance is halved. By protecting the boat from corrosion and fouling by accumulating algae, shells, debris, and salt water, this Ceramic coating provides unparalleled safety.

So we can spend more time living rather than cleaning and maintaining. Boats and yachts can be protected from both the undersea and above-water elements with products from the Marine product line.

Regular maintenance of your boat’s surfaces will keep it looking great for longer periods of time. You can experience oxidization of your gelcoat and faded colors after prolonged exposure to the sun. Maintaining a premium finish can be done in a number of ways.

In addition to removing loose contaminants, washing removes dirt and grime. Contaminants could eventually bond to surfaces or etch them if left to remain. If you want your boat to stay wax-free and safe for aquatic life, only select pH-balanced and biodegradable boat soaps.

For the best results and longevity, there are multiple steps to follow in order to achieve a showroom shine. In the first step, the surface must be cleaned of all surface contaminants, followed by the removal of any water stains, scratches, and oxidization. Afterward, we polish your boat to bring out its brilliant shine. To seal the wood against sun damage and help prevent foreign debris from getting in, apply a final stage wax.

Without protection, a conscientious boat owner knows she will lose much of her boat’s shine and appeal when left to the elements. The key to keeping Gel Coat and fiberglass in great condition is regular maintenance. Our professional wash systems and techniques allow us to provide effective cleaning for these surfaces and others. Find out more by calling us today.

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Boat Detailing In Calgary