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1 Stage Car Polish & Wax

Starting At $150

Wash the surface with quality bodywork shampoo. Prepare the body with quality products use our high end products and equipment to get rid of contaminants and enhance the paint to help our customers to get highest value for their vehicles.

3 Stage Car Polish & Wax

Starting At $299

Remove Moderate And Extreme Defects With 3 Stage Leveling Wet Sanding, Ultra Cutting Compound, Polish With Quality Products, And Seal With Ultra Mirror 3d Finishing Wax.

Premium Interior Package

Starting At $124.99

Vacuum the entire interior, removing stains using Quality chemicals, Door panels and surrounding will be cleaned professionally, Using Italian made equipment to steam seats, center C, dash, vents, and doors, shampoo carpet and seats with Canadian/USA made chemicals, Extract all chemicals and dirt using¬†ūüá®ūüᶬ†made industrial grade extractor with 500 or 200 psi depending on the task, Headliner cleaning included, dress all leather and plastics, deodorizer and paper mats included, Glass cleaning included!!

Automotive Windows Cleaning

Starting At $29.99

  • Steam all windows to remove dirt.
  • Clay bar all windows to remove contaminants.
  • Apply windows cleaner to finish the process.
  • Use quality wax to seal windows.

Say goodbye to dirty windows.

Winter Exterior Wash

Starting At $89.99

  • Washing the car
  • Drying the car
  • Decontaminating the paint
  • Washing and degreasing tires
  • Cleaning the face of the wheels
  • Dressing the tires with water base dressing
  • Applying a paint sealant
  • Dress all exterior plastics with water base dressing
  • Clean the windows in and out

Other Services

Removing Rust Dust from Car

Average:  $85
Extreme: $150


Removing Road Tar or Road Paint from Car Paint

Average: $90
Extreme: $200

2 Stage Car Polish & Wax

Starting At $250

Wash The Surface With Quality Bodywork Shampoo Remove Swirl Mark With Our Top End Scratch And Blemish Remover Compound, Polish, And Triple Wax.

Engine Detailing

Starting At $49

Pre soak engine with our highest quality concentrated non acidic environmentally friendly degreaser, agitate with 3 stage brush method to lift all the dirt, grease, and contaminants clean battery terminals from rust and contaminants, steam the engine with our optima steamer, final dry with blower and towel! Apply engine protectant – non-greasy dressing

Exterior Steam Wash

Starting At $99

All Bonded Contaminates Removed From Paint And Glass, Degrease And Hyper Dress Wheels And Tires, Steam Clean Body And Hidden Areas, Paint Sealant Plus Triple Wax To Enhance Gloss And Protection, Clean Windows (Application Includes Glass Coat Window Sealant With Rain Repellent), Plastic Or Rubber Trim Cleaned And Dressed

Car Interior Odors Removal

Starting At $69.99

  • Pet odors, Vomit, Urine, Beverage spills, Flood or leak damage.
  • Previous cleaning where the interior was not allowed to dry properly.
  • Chemical spills, Cigarette smoke.
  • Steps depends on the odor type and the vehicle condition. If the vehicle requires carpet/seats shampooing or the replacement of the cabin air filter extra fees may apply.

Headlight Restoration







We are specialized aircraft maintenance engineers and autobody technicians. We are highly experienced in commercial aircraft and automotive coating, interior detailing, carpet detailing, paint correction, overspray and stain removal. We are pleased to come to your house or business to get the job done while you get to enjoy the day, instead of stressing out about cleaning it!

We are a full commercial and private paint correction and detailing company humbly serving calgary and airdrie residents. Proudly caring for our clients’ vehicles and homes by using top notch equipment, and the finest products to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We are committed to customer service and individualized client attention. Our comprehensive scope of services includes: aircraft coating and detailing, automotive painting, polishing, waxing, paint protection, overspray and stain removal, carpet detailing, pressure washing, vinyl wrap and tint removal. Our company also details motorcycles, and any leather and/or cloth furniture.

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What Makes Us

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We provide premium & cost-effective auto detailing packages tailored to your needs


$ 150
   /   Car
  • Full Interior Vacum
  • Interior Wipe Down
  • Floor Mat cleaned
  • Basic Exterior Steam Wash
  • Tire Shine
  • Windows Inside/Out


$ 190
   /   Car
  • Full Interior Vacum
  • Full Interior Steam/Shampoo
  • Floor Mat Shampoo
  • Premium Exterior Steam Wash
  • Wheel Degrease & Wash
  • Tire Dress/Shine
  • Windows Inside & Out
  • Full Door Jams Degrease


$ 390
   /   Car
  • Everything in Silver & Gold
  • Engine Steam Cleaning
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Bug/Tar/Tree Sap Removal
  • 1 Stage Cut & Polish
  • 1 Stage Full Body Wax & Protection

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Paint correction is very important as it enhances the look of the car and it increases its resale value.

Because dealerships tend to lowball the price of your personal car to make as much profit as possible.

Selling your car is always better as you can make the money you aim for where trade in you won’t be able to make your money back as the dealership decides what your car is worth.

Using wet sand, very high quality compounds, and polish. Operating Puffers and using pads correctly which will give you the results you are looking for.

Menzerna Polishing compounds are great products, HD Speed if you have minor scratches, Rupes Bigfoot, Meguiars mirror glaze etc.

Yes, as long as it didn’t go through the clear coat and paint coats.

Yes it is as it enhances your vehicle appearance and protects your paint which makes the body last longer.

It depends on the service required, but interior detailing usually $125 and Exterior detailing usually $85-$115

It depends how much the vehicle is being used and where it is parked during winter or summer. Usually daily driving needs a paint correction every 6 months.

2-3 times a year to keep the vehicle in great shape and to keep it is resale value up.